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no fillers!
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100% Natural Food Supplement Vegan Capsules
Why Use Arthromend™?

Arthromend™ helps the body to mend itself naturally by supplying a wide range of naturally occurring alkaline minerals combined with Vitamin C and citrus bioflavonoids, which help redress the acid/alkaline balance. Arthromend™ contains a range of minerals and trace elements often missing from the modern diet. The formula consists purely of nutrients which, unlike drugs, work in conjunction with your body.

What Can Arthromend™ Do For You?
  • Helps the body to mend itself naturally
  • Contains a range of minerals and trace elements
  • Formula consists of nutrients that work together.
  • No Side-Effects from taking ArthromendTM.
  • Supercharge your body & support health joints!
  • 100% Satisfaction - thousands of satisfied customers!
Dosage Guidelines...
  • Take 3-a-day at mealtimes - one per meal. Complete the first tub of 250 capsules at this dosage.
    This is a 3 month course.

  • Then 2-a-day with breakfast and dinner.
    Complete the second tub at this dosage.

  • Then 1-a-day thereafter with food to maintain status quo.
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